Texas Two Step Full Wheel Payouts

This is Version 1 of our Lottery Wheel Calculator. It is a Full Wheel Calculator that computes the total number of combinations for any given subset of numbers, the cost for buying the lottery tickets, the potential payout, and the net profit and loss.

Many players, syndicates, and office pools often utilize Lottery Wheels to select their playing numbers. While there are many tools available to help generate these combinations, we have not discovered any that will help you determine the profitability of the wheel.

This is a highly interactive tool and is customized for each particular lottery game. Instructions for use are described below.

White Balls:

Num Balls:

Num TX2s: 

Texas Two Step
If No Bonus ball Winner - You Win

Usage Instructions
By Default, this page displays one table, 2 input fields, 3 pull down menus, and 2 Output Payout Tables & Graphs.
  • White Ball Table - Displays Balls Picked when Enabled
  • Num Balls: - Input field, Enter number of white ball to wheel
  • Num TX2s: - Input field, Enter number of Bonus balls played
The 3 Pull Downs Menus Are
  • Input Num - Default Value, allows you to enter Num Balls field above
  • Buy None? - A scalar to specify if you buy the None & the payout
  • Show Jackpot? - Whether to display the Jackpot Payout bar in the Graph Display
You may input
  • The number of white balls you wish to play when the "Input Num" pull down is set to "Input Num". In all other settings, this will be grayed out and not changeable.
  • The number of Bonus balls you wish to play. You will always be able to enter this field.
  • Additionally, you can enter a "Divide by" number when the "Input Num" pull down is changed to "Divide by". Note that this only applies to the white balls played.
In addition, the White Balls in Table Above are Selectable when "You Pick" is shown. See the Other Tab for more information.
There are 3 pull down menus
  • The first is "Input Num" In mode, you can enter the number of white balls in the Num Balls field. Next are preset values: Even, Odd, Hot, Prime, and Squared numbers. You can use the "Divide by" preset to identify white balls evenly divisible by 2, 3, 4, ... 11. Lastly, the "You Pick" choice allow you to click on the white ball table to identify the balls you want to play.
  • The "Buy None?" choice is available for Texas Two Step, Powerball, and Hot Lotto. You can either select No, or the anticipated multiple that will be drawn. This value is used to scale the value of your winning tickets.
  • Last is "Show Jackpot?". This controls whether the Jackpot value is displayed in to output graphs.
There are two tables and graphs above which illustrate the amount of money you would win, payout, and profit when playing a Texas Two Step Full lottery wheel.

The one on the left (with a pink background), assumes that you none of your purchased tickets contain a winning Bonus ball.

The one on the right (with a light blue background), summarizes your winnings if you have correctly played a winning Bonus ball.

To determine you winnings, you must first see if your playing combinations contain the Bonus ball. If they do, use the table at right; if not, use table on left. (Never use both)

Lastly, count the number of winning white balls that you have played. Then, find the row in the table and see what you have won. It's as simple as that.
Selectable White Balls in Table
  • When the "Input Num" pull down is changed to "You Pick", the numbers in white ball table are then selectable.
  • Simply, place your cursor on the number you wish to play, and press the Left Click Key. The number will then turn Green.
  • To un-select, click on any one of the Green Numbers you alread selected.
Show Detail Button Below
  • The button below allows you the ability to display the 5 underlying calculation tables that are used.
  • The first 2 summarize the individual payouts depending whether you have the Bonus ball or not.
  • The third shows the number of combinations.
  • And the last 2 show the Game payout structure.
Texas Two Step
If Bonus ball Wins - You Win

Texas Two Step Payouts - NO TX2
Texas Two Step Payouts - With TX2
Texas Two Step Combination Permutations
Texas Two Step Prize Structure - No TX2
Texas Two Step Prize Structure - With TX2