Christmas Shoppe

We're stocking our shelves with gift ideas that every lottery player would love to receive. So, if you are looking for a Christmas gift that they would truely remember, consider the items below. Start your holiday shopping early. After all, Christmas will be here before you know it!

  We're arranging our store into the 12 shelves listed below. You can either scroll down through the page and browse, or simply click on one to the categories to jump there quickly.
  1. Special Lottery Tickets 4. Lottery Books 7. Flowers & Gifts 10. Computers  
  2. For Her: Good Luck Charms 5. Travel 8. For Him: Special Engravable Gifts 11. Clothes  
  3. Fun Lottery Items 6. Children 9. Pets & Animals 12. Horoscopes  

1. Special Lottery Tickets

Christmas Draws

This December, two lotteries will be hosting special draws.

One is the Japan Jumbo Draw which holds 5 drawings per year, ending with the Year-End Jumbo draw in December.

The second is the Spanish El Gordo who holds 6 Major Draws each year - in January, March, May, July, November and December.

Consider getting that special Lottery Lover tickets for either one or both of these. These would be a fun unique gift that the whole family could remember.

This is your chance to win around US$925 million. You can purchase a minimum of 2 tickets up to 20. Odds of winning any prize are 1 in 9. Each ticket costs $14. To enter, click on the banner above. But hurry, ticket sales end on December 21st 2007.

In the December 2007 draw there are 13,332 Prizes worth over US$2.42 Billion, with a First prize Payout of over US$612 Million. The odds of your holding a winning ticket in this draw are 1 in 6. Each ticket costs US$98 but you can buy 1/2 of a ticket. Also, you can purchase a group share instead for US$20 each.

2. For Her: Good Luck Charms & Jewelry

Everyone needs Luck!

Surprise her with something that she can wear throughout the year. We found three stores that offer a wide choice of charms, bracelets, rings, and more.

Amazon is always thought to only sell books. But, they offer a wide selection of other products. We have displayed a sample selection for you to see.

4. Books

Build up your lottery knowledge by reading books by some of the leading experts. Don't leave anything to chance, be informed.

5. Travel

Surprise your family and yourself. Plan a special vacation. Either a nice long cruise, or adventure vacation. Perhaps just a long weekend get-away. Get a free quote and think about getting away from the cold and into the warm sun.

8. For Him: Special Engravable Gifts

Engravable Gift Collection offers a great selection of personalized and engraved gifts, perfect for all occasions, especially Christmas. All personalization is included in their pricing AND they will ship all orders within 2 business days.