NC-P3-2: Numbers to Play
Way: Way Over Due, Will Win
Over Max: Way Over Due
Due: Over Average, Due
Repeat: Last 2 Hit, Longshots
NC-P3-1: Current Results

The North Carolina Pick 3 Game is a popular game because it is low cost and contains relatively few combinations. For only $0.50, a player has the opportunity to win approximately $250.00. All that needs to be done is to correctly predict the winning number that will be selected in the next drawing. Players of this game tend to be very dedicated, and buy numbers for the midday and evening drawings (where available). There are 1,000 combinations, meaning that if a player buys the same number twice a day, he can expect to win once every year and a half. Hmmmm, that's not much. And many players report that although they play all the time, they never win.

Our North Carolina Pick 3 Analysis is intended to help you win more frequently. Our methodology is based on a modified delta system which requires you to buy 8 straight combinations for each drawing. The premise is that: Everything Occurs, but we don't know when. This means that if you keep playing a single "delta" set, you will eventually win.

This guide consists of 5 panels of information. Window NC-P3-1 (top right), shows the results of the past 2 and 28 drawings. Panel NC-P3-2 (top left) displays the recommended deltas and numbers that you should play. The default shows the numbers that are Way Over Due and should win sometime soon. The other tabs show more our choice for more recent groupings. Panel NC-P3-3 (below) contains the complete set of deltas and associated numbers. This is provided for your reference. It is intended to help you choose a different set of numbers; or, to provide you confidence in your selection. Note that we have added the Monthly breakdown columns (J, F, M, ... N, D) for your reference. At the bottom of the page are two panels. The first, Window NC-P3-4 presents a purchasing strategy intended on helping you acheive a positive return on your investment. The second, Window NC-P3-5 summarizes our guideline rules to help you succeed in collecting a profit.

NC-P3-3: North Carolina Pick 3 Delta Occurances
To Sort, Click on the column headers above
For any particular Delta, Buy the 8 numbers in the Numbers to Play column
Depending on the Delta, and the previous results, these numbers will change after each drawing
NC-P3-4: Investment Stragegy
For purposes of this summary:
- Lapsed means: The number of drawings that you have been playing a single Delta
- Times means: The number of times you should play the set of 8 numbers
- Cost means: How much it will cost you to buy the 8 combinations
- #Dwgs means: The number of drawings that you will play this Quantity of numbers
- Spent means: The maximum amount you will spend on this Quantity of numbers
- Total means: The running total of dollars that you will have spent so far
- Win means: The average amount that you will win for this Quantity
- Profit means: How much money you will have made as clear profit
- Return means: The Rate of Return as a percent that you earned on your investment
- Weeks means: The cumulative number of weeks that you would have played this Delta (assuming 2 drawings per day)

NC-P3-5: Guide to Success

Instructions Steps

  1. From the above tables, select a Delta that you wish to play.
  2. Play the associated numbers with that Delta until it wins.
  3. Always play the 8 numbers indicated.
  4. Only buy the Straight option, never box or pairs.
  5. Play every drawing, mid-day and evening where available.
  6. Check you numbers after each drawing.
  7. If your number wins, start over, from Step 1.
  8. If your numbers don't win, repeat Step 2. Remember, our numbers change from drawing to drawing, so you can't always play the same numbers.
  9. Keep a count of the number of drawings that you played.
  10. Use the associated Investment Strategy at left to determine how many times you should buy these numbers.
  11. When buying a set of numbers multiple times, ask for individual tickets.
  12. When you win, let everyone know you got your numbers from Lottery Power Picks.
  13. Have Fun!

Because the information above is recalculated after each drawing, it is necessary to review the current Delta strategy that you are playing and obtain the new set of numbers. This information is provided to aid you with your decision on what Pick 3 numbers to play. It is completely free to use.

Since there are still so many deltas to choose from, we suggest that you play one group of numbers in the Recommended Numbers Table at the top left. Until you are comfortable with the data, you should stick with the numbers listed in the very top line. We believe that if you follow our specified methodology listed above, you will be able to begin collecting a little extra cash for your special occasions.