I'll Travel the World

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I'd look for bargins and get Cheap Tickets, then take a lot of vacations.

Think of all the places you would like to visit. Then plan a sightseeing trip around the around the world.

Plan on taking Charter Flights.

Perhaps you'd circle from west to east. Begin in New York and sail to Europe. Tour any of your favorite cities, staying in the best of hotels. There is plenty to do, with so much history. Visit museums, castles, and famous landmarks. Dine the finest of restaurants.

Stop in London, Paris, and Rome. Ski in the Alps. Cruise the Mediterranean Sea.

Fly off to different countries or continents. Take a safari in Africa, visit the Far East. Got to Tokyo.

Then fly back to San Francisco, but first stop in Hawaii.

Try Alaska Fishing and see the glaciers. Tour the Pacific northeast. Rent a car and take a leisurely drive back home, stopping in Yosemite, Yellowstone, and other National Parks.

Whatever you want to do, the world is yours.
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Imagine where you would Vacation