Lottery Gambling Risks

The probability of you winning the Jackpot is slim because the chances of any one combination being drawn are identical. Since the Powerball and Mega Millions drawings are random, it is impossible to handicap these results.

For example, assume a coin toss of 99 times. In one scenario, heads lands 99 times or 100% of the time. However, the probability that head will occur on the next toss is 50%. This is simply the law of probability. The same is true for selecting lottery numbers. No matter what someone says regarding a repeatable pattern, the laws of probability maintain that every combination is mathematically identical.

Winning the lottery jackpot is a worthwhile dream, as long as you understand that you will most certainly lose all or part of your money. If you want to play, don't overspend. But, have fun and follow your dreams.


Do I need to get New Numbers each Drawing? Yes. Lottery Power Picks creates a new set of combinations for each drawing. Each pool is based on a weighted probability of the most recently selected numbers and those which have not been drawn. The model incorporates the results of all drawings and then selects those numbers most likely to be drawn next. Playing old numbers limits your chances of having a winner. We believe you must have the latest picks to in order to have the best chance of winning the Jackpot.

Will You Buy the Tickets for Me? No. By law, we cannot buy tickets for someone else. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take the numbers that we recommend to your Lottery Agent, and ask for these numbers. Remember, you must buy the tickets in order to win.

Are You Associated with Other Websites? No. We have not authorized any person(s), organization, or company to distribute or recommend our numbers. Please report any abuse of this policy to us.

How Often Do You Win? On average, Lottery Power Picks selects the Jackpot winner every 3-4 drawings for both the Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries. Of course, we have both winning and losing streaks, and the actual frequency varies. You can see our "TrackRecords" for each of these lotteries by clicking on the "Powerball" or "Mega Millions" links in the center top of the screen. From there, you can see a summary of each yearly drawing by clicking on the "TrackRecord" button. You can also see our entire history of each drawing by pressing the "Full History" button.

If You Win So Often, Won't the Jackpots Be Smaller? Most likely, Yes. Winning every 3 to 4 drawings means that the Jackpot will be around $20 million. But, whether you win the minimum $12 or $15 million, or if you win $20 million, this is still a lot of money. If properly invested, you should be able to live your whole life without ever having to work again.

How Many Lottery Power Picks Should I Get? We recommend that you play wisely, limiting your selections to 5-10 Lottery Power Picks per drawing. This means that you should spend between $5-$10 per drawing, $10-$20 per week, or $520-$1040 per year. Remember, even though we offer "Much Better Quick Picks", your odds of winning the Jackpot are still small.

Am I Guaranteed to Win Something? No, for 2 reasons. First, Lottery Power Picks only contains the Jackpot winner once in every 3-4 drawings. This means that you will automatically lose 2 out of 3 times. Second, when we do win, our pool of numbers contains only 1 winning combination. Thus, the odds of any one Lottery Power Pick being the Jackpot winner is about 1 in 22-44 million. While this is 3 to 4 times better than a random Quick Pick, it is still a long shot. Of course, you can improve your odds by playing multiple Lottery Power Picks in each drawing. Remember though, it is impossible to guarantee a random event. Even more, it is impractical to pretend that one can predict an outcome of enormous magnitude, but we believe our numbers will help.

Will Anyone Else have my Numbers? No, not from us. Lottery Power Picks only gives out a single fixed set of likely numbers for each drawing. Once these are given, they are gone. This ensures that only 1 Lottery Power Picks subscriber could win that drawing's Jackpot. There will, however, be multiple LotteryPowerPicks winners of the second place (5 ball combinations) since each of these will have a different Power or Mega Ball. Also, it is possible that someone else could have played your numbers if they picked them themselves, or bought a Quick Pick from a Lottery Agent.

What If I Don't Like the Numbers You Gave Me? Don't second-guess the numbers that you were given. Every Lottery Power Pick combination has an equal probability of winning.

Should I Play the Same Numbers Every Drawing? No. Our Lottery Power Picks numbers change after every drawing. To insure that you have the highest probability of winning, you should get and play new numbers every drawing.

Do I Have to Give You Anything if I Win? No! These are your numbers, free of charge. Any and all winnings that you receive are yours to keep. All we ask is that you tell everyone that you got your numbers from Lottery Power Picks if you win!

Is This Legal? Yes. It is legal to recommended numbers to players. However, we cannot purchase tickets for someone else, nor can we sell tickets to people. It is also illegal to send lottery tickets interstate. But, since we simply give LotteryPowerPicks to you, and you purchase either Powerball or Mega Millions tickets from a licensed Lottery Agent in your state, our organization is compliant with the law.

Is This a Scam? Not at all. First, we provide you with all the information to review our statistics. For reference, the complete history of results is available to you. It is up to you to evaluate our performance and determine which numbers to play. Further, this is not a pyramid scheme. We do not take money from anyone, it is completely FREE.