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The purpose of this page is to provide Texas Two Step players with the supplemental information that is not readily available on the sponsored lottery site.

Texas Two Step
Mini 3.09% 96.91% 32.37 $0.37 $0.5457 $12.02
Class Winners Losers Overall Odds Overall Return Return Sensitivity Payout per $

We believe this is important because most lotteries only provide players with minimal amount of information: the odds of each winning combination occurring; the overall probability of having a winning ticket; the price of each ticket; the game format; the total number of combinations; and a few other items.

However, this page fills in the missing blanks. Included here are the complete odds and probabilities of every winning and losing occurring. It provides you with a comparison of winners to losers, the monies collected, the monies distributed back to players, and more.

Lottery Power Picks has taken every effort to ensure that this summary information is correct by reading and bookmarking all information provided by the organizing lottery body. But, in certain instances, clearly defined rules are not written. In those instances, we made assumptions that are linguistically consistent with the rules. Should any information be incorrect, please inform us so that we may correct it. We hope you find this information useful in understanding the lottery you play.

About Texas Two Step is a Texas State lottery that is played in its 254 counties. It is governed by the Texas Lottery Commission. Its mission is: to generate revenue ffor the State of Texas through the responsible management and sale of lottery products.

Format Texas Two Step requires a player to make 2 choices: (1) Pick 4 numbers out of a set of 35 white balls; and (2) Pick 1 Bonus Ball from a set of 35 balls. If the player picks the same numbers as those that are drawn in the next drawing, the player wins the Jackpot prize. Smaller prizes are awarded for other combinations.

Class Texas Two Step is a Mini Lottery. We classify it as such because its Jackpot Parity is approximately $1.4 million, which is less than $10 million

Prizes The minimum Texas Two Step jackpot prize is a $200,000, which is paid as a straight cash value. All other cash prizes are predefined as well and are summarized in the table below. The second thru fifth place cash prize amounts are calculated on a pari-mutuel basis and vary according to the number of winners in that tier. The sixth and seventh place prizes are a fixed, guaranteed amount, and will not vary. The table below illustrates the estimated cash payouts based on expected probabilities. If no one wins the jackpot amount, a portion of the proceeds is rolled forward to the next drawing, allowing the jackpot to grow.

Combinations In the Texas Two Step, there are a total of 1,832,600 combinations.

Winners Of these, there are 56,610 winning combinations. This represents 3.09% of the combinations. The overall odds of having a winning combination is 32.37 to 1 (the lower the better).

Losers There are 1,775,990 losing Texas Two Step combinations. This is 96.91% of the combinations. The overall odds of having a losing combination is 1.03 to 1 (the higher the better; because as this number gets closer to 1, nearly every ticket is a loser.

Price Each Texas Two Step ticket costs $1.0

Money Raised Assuming all tickets are sold and there are no duplicates, a total of $1,832,600 will be raised.

Table TX2-4: Texas Two Step Lottery Summary
Format 4/35+1/35
Class Mini
Min Jackpot $0.2M
Jackpot Type Cash
Combos 1,832,600
Total Winners 56,610
Total Losers 1,775,990
Overall Winners 32.37
Overall Losers 1.03
Pct Winners 3.09%
Pct Losers 96.91%
Price $1.00
Amount Raised $1,832,600
Tot Payout $680,641
Avg Ticket Payout $12.02
Normalized Payout/$ $12.02
ReturnOn$ $0.37
Jackpot/Odds $6,178
Return Sensitivity $0.5457
Jackpot Parity $1,351,959

Prize Pool Of this, $680,641 will be allocated to the prize pool to be paid back to the players when the jackpot is set to $0.2 million.

Average Winning Ticket Payout On the average, each winning ticket will pay $12.02 to the players. Since a ticket costs $1, the normalized payout per $ spent is also $12.02

Income Returned to Players Based on this information, $0.37 of each $ raised will be returned to the players.

Return Sensitivity If the Texas Two Step Jackpot changes by $1.0 million, the above Income Returned to Players will change by $0.5457 (up or down).

Jackpot Parity In order for Texas Two Step to return $1.00 of each dollar raised, the Jackpot must be equal to $1,351,959.00


The following Table summarizes the odds, occurances, probability, number of winning combinations,
percent of prize pool, prize payout per combination, and the total cash payout of the combination pool.
Table TX2-5: US Texas Two Step Expanded Odds Calculations

You can learn more about the Texas Two Step and verify our findings by visiting our references.