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Lottery Power Picks is growing! However, our growth rate is limited to the amount of advertising we can purchase. Our current operating budget is approximately $20 per day and our income from those that click on our ads is only $5 per day. This means that we are spending a great deal of time trying to derive additional income from affiliate commissions.

But you can help us. If you like what we offer on Lottery Power Picks, want to see more content, and believe that we are providing a valuable service, please give us a hand and contribute to our site. A small donation of $25 will help us to cover our existing advertising costs and increase our daily budget. More advertising means more members and higher ratings, which will translate into higher advertising revenues and allow us to expand our coverage. Through this growth, we will increase the probability that some of our members will realize their dreams of winning a lottery jackpot with the Lottery Power Picks they receive from our site.

At present, we work at home and volunteer our time to bring you this information. Since we have full time jobs, we are not under financial pressure to be paid for our work. Because we truly believe that our service is valuable, we plan to spend all income received back into advertising and computer upgrades.

Please give us a chance and help us grow so that we can continue to offer our product for many, many years to come.

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