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The following Table of Contents is our index to the Lottery Power Picks bi-monthly research articles. Stories focus on both individual and groups of lotteries. Topics discussed include: probabilities of winning, playing strategies, lottery payouts, investment of winnings, and more. Learn about Mega Millions, Powerball, Lotto 649, Super 7, EuroMillions, UK and Irish Lotto, Hot Lotto, Super Lotto Plus, Thunderball, and others.

Our Bi-Monthly was first published in June 2007 and new Articles are added every two months. Feel free to read our articles, and offer your feedback. Tell your friends, and share with them in your office pool. It is the hope of Lottery Power Picks that this information will give you an deeper insight into the understanding and workings of the various lotteries. With this knowledge, perhaps you will be able to make more informed judgements about which lotteries you want to play, and find different ways to win the jackpot.

Year 2010 Bimonthly Articles

February 2010

A When to Buy Mega Millions or Powerball Guide
Powerball and Mega Millions began cross selling their Lottery tickets at the end of January 2010. If you are on a limited budget and want to know which game offers the best return for your dollar, this article explains which lottery to buy. It provides an easy to use table showing various jackpot levels, and tells you if you should take the Megaplier or Powerplay Option.

Year 2009 Bimonthly Articles

February 2009

3 UK Lotto Oddities or Questioning Camelot
The UK Lotto is one of the many lotteries licensed to and operated by Camelot. Do you think that they disclose where all the winners reside or how they distribute the money raised? From their documentation we checked their numbers and discovered certain inconsistancies. If you play the UK Lotto, or are looking forward to their proposed World Lottery, you must read this article.

Year 2008 Bimonthly Articles

December 2008

How 2009 Powerball Changes Effect You
In January 2009, Florida joins Powerball. In order to adjust for this new influx of players, Powerball has changed the format by increasing the number of white balls and decreasing the number of Powerballs. Read how these changes affect your chances of winning the Jackpot or any other prize.

October 2008

Florida Lotto Plus Analysis. Should you buy the $2 or $3 Option?
Find out whether you should purchase the $2 or $3 Florida Lotto Plus Option, and why.

August 2008

MM Cash or Annuity? The LPP Analysis of the Mega Millions Jackpot
Learn how the Mega Millions Annuity & Cash Option Jackpots are paid, the tax implications, and why you should always elect the Annuity Option.

June 2008

PB Cash or Annuity? The LPP Analysis of the Powerball Jackpot
This article analyzes the Powerball Annuity & Cash Option Jackpots. It examines the fairness the cash offers, and more.

May 29 2008

Teen Wins PB Now What? An LPP Special Edition, Our Advice to a Winner
Many winners end up going broke because of poor adviice and reckless spending. Here, we offer 7 pieces of advice to a young winner, who needs to make his winnings last a lifetime.

April 2008

How Lottery Odds Change When Buying Multiple Tickets
People are always wondering how their odds or chances of winning improve when they buy multiple tickets. This article give a clear answer.

March 30 2008

Special Edition: Power Play 10X Promotion
Because the MUSL is offering Powerplay 10 times promotion during the month of April, this post explains when you should or should not buy the Powerplay and tells you the breakeven Jackpot level.

February 2008

Analysis of the Canadian Lotteries
This post compares the 5 Canadian Regional 649 lotteries against the larger National Super 7 and Lotto 649 lotteries, and tells you which you should buy.

Year 2007 Bimonthly Articles

December 2007

Should You Buy the Power Play, Sizzler, or Megaplier?
This post tells you if and when you should buy any of these lottery multipliers.

November 2007

Hot Lotto to Add Sizzler
Announcement about upcoming changes to Hot Lotto and to Lottery Power Picks.

October 2007

The 2007 LPP Lottery Value Rankings
This article assigns our 2007 Lottery Value Rankings to our 10 sample Worldwide Lotteries, listed from best to worst.

August 2007

Not All Lottery Combinations are Equal
This post takes the controversial viewpoint that all lottery combinations are not equal, and examines the probabilities that certain types of combinations will be drawn sooner than others.

June 2007

Your Lottery Odds May be Better than You Think

Lottery Power Picks explains why we believe your chances of winning these prizes are better than what is printed.


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